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Termite damage is more common than damage caused by storms, fires and earthquakes — costing property owners roughly $5 billion annually in repairs — yet these costs are rarely covered by homeowner's insurance.

Proven Termite Colony Elimination

The Sentricon® System is the only termite control product proven to eliminate the entire termite colony — not just individual termites. And, with it's new Always Active™ technology, the Sentricon System makes the highly-durable, highly-desirable Recruit® HD termite bait available to termites from Day One — leading to faster colony elimination.

The Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award

The Sentricon System is the only termite control product ever to have earned the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. This award is one of the federal government's top environmental honors and recognizes technical innovation that incorporates environmentally responsible chemistry into its design, manufacture and use.

How it works.

As part of your service contract, your Chess Termite and Pest Control technician...

  1. Inspects your property for signs of termites
  2. Places Sentricon® stations containing Recruit® HD termite bait in the soil around your home
  3. Recruit HD is immediately available to termites when they enter the station
  4. Continues monitoring Sentricon® stations as needed to protect against future infestations

Easy to live with.

To eliminate existing termite colonies or protect against invading colonies, Sentricon® stations are placed in the soil around your home. This is much less disruptive to your family, buildings and landscaping than other termite treatments.

  • No drilling in floors and foundations
  • No extensive digging or trenching in the landscape and other areas around your home
  • No chemical solution injected in the ground under and around your home
  • No tank trucks of chemical solution
  • No scheduling hassles

Reliable, ongoing asset protection.

The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology is available only from specially qualified Certified Sentricon Specialists™, like us, who are committed to protecting homes from destructive termites. Chess Termite and Pest Control was selected by the manufacturer, Dow AgroSciences, from among the industry's best pest management professionals.

The constant presence of the Sentricon® System and attention from the professionals at Chess Termite and Pest Control give you and your family peace of mind.

What to expect:

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